Mussel farming nets


Rom Plastica developed this new net type to optimize processing in the mussel farming sector.

The technical features of the net allow::

  • elimination of certain stages of mussel production, with considerable time savings;
  • avoidance of product loss, as this type of net allows loose mussels (which were previously thrown away) to be re-used;
  • attainment of a more homogeneous product.

This tubular net is made of extruded polypropylene. It has a dual-structure mesh. The outer part of the mesh, which is rhomboid shaped, is manufactured using a thread with a wider cross-section, making the net extremely strong and suitable for offshore operations.

The inner part of the mesh, made up of a tighter rhombus pattern made of thinner thread, ensures:

  • avoidance of immediate mussel ‘leakage’
  • the net is not lacerated by the mussels themselves as they grow.

All materials and colorants used are suitable for the production of foodstuffs as per the laws in force.

Main features

  • Processing in the mussel farming sector
  • Considerable time savings
  • Avoidance of product loss
  • Attainment of a more homogeneous product
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