Rom Plastica, Leader in the production of plastic nets used for mussel farming and the fishing industry

ROM PLASTICA started out as a provider to the fish farming industry in the Venetian lagoon. It soon became the leading producer of plastic nets for the mussel and fish farming industries.

Thanks to over 40 years’ experience, ROM PLASTICA now manufactures products that respond to a vast range of netting needs in fields as diverse as foodstuffs, agriculture, commerce, industry, gardening, cosmetics, and mechanics. Our products are now exported worldwide.

Today, the entire production process is strictly controlled within the company: from production line set-up to meticulous selection and quality control of raw materials, from management of each stage of the production process to inspection of finished products.

A vast range of nets, all of outstanding quality

Over the years, our highly qualified technical staff have studied and experimented with new production techniques. Coupled with advanced know-how, these have allowed us to manufacture nets tailor-made to meet customers’ specific needs. All nets are of excellent quality and meet the highest standards.

Foodstuff-suitable nets that comply with EC standards

All our products are made with materials and colourants suitable for foodstuff processing/packaging and comply with EC standards. All our nets are 100% recyclable and are suitable for contact with foodstuffs.  


ROM PLASTICA was founded in the fish farming industry in the Venetian lagoon thanks to the insight and marked creativity of its founder, Orlando Barbato. Together with his wife, Natalina Varini, he then started producing the first plastic net prototypes for fruit and vegetable punnets in the mid-60s.

After a period of wide-ranging experimentation that saw the inception of several personal inventions, in the 1970s manufacturing was split into two distinct branches when the company extended its scope beyond the fruit and vegetable sector to mussel farming. Over the years this unrelenting development allowed the company to diversify the product range and achieve outstanding quality. Our products now meet a vast range of needs and are exported worldwide.

Today, ROM PLASTICA is skilfully managed by Orlando Barbato’s wife, sons and daughter.

has become a synonym for undisputed trustworthiness and reliability.

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