Stretch film rolls, of prime quality, are used to wrap, protect and preserve products and materials placed on pallets. Stretch film is available in 6-roll boxes. The inner core on which the film is wound can be made of cardboard or plastic.
LLDPE sheets are used to cover pallets and stop the product coming into direct contact with the wooden or plastic pallet on which it is stacked.
Galvanized hooks for twisters, suitable for fastening mesh bags and single-thread bags. Hooks are sold in 2,000-piece rolls.
Galvanized Hook twister, used for manual fastening of mesh bags and single-thread bags stitched on three sides
Aluminium clips, in various sizes, for use with automatic bag fastening machines of any type or brand. These clips are mainly employed in the fishing industry.
These galvanized steel clips are used to load the Top-Graf 18 and Top-Graf 20 pliers. VR-18 clips are available in 4,500-piece boxes and VR-20 clips in 1,000-piece boxes.
These ‘pliers’ are used to seal bags filled by hand with up to 5, 10, 15 or 20 kg of product. The Top-graf 18 is suitable for thinner nets, while the Top-graf 20 is used for thicker ones. Handy and easy to load with clips, they are ideal where pneumatic or electrical machines cannot be used.
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